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Corey Goldman: Fierce competition from online and bulk discount rivals such as Walmart and Amazon are having their effect on Kroger, which announced this morning that it is laying off management in the dozens that are going to be a let go of the grocery store chain across the country. The reason quite simply is because the company is facing ongoing competition, climbing costs and of course, consumers who are choosing to go to an Amazon or a Walmart either online or physically to either get better prices or to simply or their stuff and to have more convenient delivery. And Kroger is trying to keep up with that, but it's costing them money. And it's difficult because there's simply not as big as an Amazon or a Walmart. And so they are looking at laying off some staff, they didn't announce exact numbers, but the range provided by the Cincinnati Enquirer was somewhere in the hundreds. And of course, these are more susceptible positions because they are non-unionized and higher paying. So Kroger laying off some workers, the stock is slightly under pressure this morning. It's down just about, you know, half a percent at 25 bucks, and also be watching closely to see what their next move is in terms of trying to maintain that competition with some of the larger rivals.

Fierce competition from online and bulk-discount rivals including (AMZN - Get Report)  and Walmart (WMT - Get Report)  have spurred grocery store chain Kroger (KR - Get Report)  to slash hundreds of high-level, non-unionized management jobs across the country.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that all 22 of its divisions in 35 states were scrutinizing management jobs under individual market presidents,noting the well-paid, non-union positions are a tempting target in tough times. 

Times have indeed been tough for Kroger, which has seen its stock price tumble amid falling revenue and steeper costs related to competing with the likes of Amazon and Walmart, both of which have ramped up their grocery offerings and also their online and delivery options.

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