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Don't Bet Your Retirement on Bitcoin, Sallie Krawcheck Says

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Bitcoin has been one of the dominating news stories of 2021 as the cryptocurrency continues to climb, as it nears $60,000.

And people such as Jim Cramer and Kevin O'Leary have now jumped into Bitcoin.

So, what does Sallie Krawcheck, CEO of Ellevest, think about bitcoin?

"Is Bitcoin for forever? Will it be the coin of the world? That's one question that I don't have a point of view on," Krawcheck mused. "Should you be trading Bitcoin?"

She noted that she wouldn't say "invest in Bitcoin" because "it doesn't really have fundamentals underpinning it now, and I say that is totally fine since it doesn't have fundamentals. Take the money you were going to take to Vegas this year, for the trip that got canceled because of COVID...and go gamble that in bitcoin," Krawcheck said on Coffee With Katherine.

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