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Listen! KPMG US Chair and CEO: Survey Shows CEOs are Still Worried About Cyber

We sat with Lynne Doughtie, KPMG's US Chairman and CEO, to talk about a recent survey they did of 400 CEOs to get a sense of how they are feeling about the economy. Watch the video above now to found out what they are worried about.

Lynne Doughtie, KPMG US Chairman and CEO, has her pulse on the economy.  

Her firm has clients in every industry and it recently conducted a survey of 400 CEOs to get a sense of how they are feeling these days.

"Respondents feel more optimistic about their own opportunities to grow within own within their organizations, said Doughtie, during our recent interview.

KPMG is one of the Big Four accounting firms, along with Deloitte, PwC and EY, that has transformed its business from your father's old accounting shop to an advisory firms that help clients with everything from AI to cybersecurity. 

But, let's face it, even accounting has evolved. Doughtie recently wrote a piece for LinkedIn (LNKD) titled: There Has Never Been a More Exciting Time to Be an Auditor. Seriously. Because "we have never been in a more disruptive time," she said.  Everything is changing -- and quickly.

The good news is that most of the CEOs in the survey were optimistic about the future, despite (or because of) all the disruption.

They were asked about everything from how AI will affect their job force to how prepared they felt about cyber attacks. 

Check out some of the results below:

Economic/business: CEOs' confidence in the U.S. economy and their growth prospects is high.

  • 77% are "very confident" in the growth prospects for their companies over the next 3 years.
  • 48% are "very confident" in U.S. economic growth.
  • Despite the high confidence, moderate growth is predicted. 51% expect top-line revenue growth to be less than 2% over the next 3 years with 49% expecting growth in the 2-5% range.

Cyber risk threat is real, but majority of CEOs feel their organization is prepared

  • 68% said it's now a case of "when," not "if," their organization becomes a victim of a cyber attack.
  • 77% believe they are either "very well" or "well" prepared for it.

So be sure to watch the video above for more, than check out the results of the full survey here.

And then listen to the podcast above for our full conversation where we talk about everything from retaining women at the top to changing to how Doughtie climbed to the top over her 33-year career there.