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Not a 'Kodak Moment' in China: How an Instagram Post Sparked Backlash

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Kodak  (KODK) - Get Eastman Kodak Company Report came under high scrutiny in China due to a post on its Instagram account. This week, the photography company uploaded a series of images from China's Xinjiang region taken by French photographer Patrick Wack. 

However, the caption describing those images angered the Chinese netizens and the establishment. Photographer Wack described Xinjian as an “Orwellian dystopia” hinting at the discrimination against the Uyghur population.

Seeing the backlash in China, Kodak quickly made a move to do a 'damage control' by deleting that post. Later on, the company also offered an apology.

"Content from the photographer Patrick Wack was recently posted on this Instagram page. The content of the post was provided by the photographer and was not authored by Kodak," the company said. "The views expressed by Mr. Wack do not represent those of Kodak and are not endorsed by Kodak. We apologize for any misunderstanding or offense the post may have caused."

It’s worth mentioning that Wack has not deleted the post from his personal account yet.

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