Know the LendingTree Commercial? What's Behind the Green Puppet

The LendingTree puppet is real.
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The LendingTree green puppet seen on television commercials has a back story. 

He's a green puppet -- perfect for the color of money -- who sits in a man's kitchen and shows the guy how mortgage loan hunting is done in the digital age. 

Firstly, his name is Lenny. Lenny Lebda. Lennny Lebda, the LendingTree puppet. Also, the last name Lebda is the same last name as LendingTree's CEO, Doug Lebda.

Also, Lenny is real. He's not made from special effects. He's a real puppet, created by The Jim Henson Company, which create muppet characters, often for children's movies and entertainment. 

But how does Lenny move on the commercial? Again, it isn't special effects that give the illusion that Lenny is moving around. There is a person under the couch, moving Lenny. Clearly the commercial does a really good job of making it seem like nobody is there moving Lenny, but indeed there is. 

It was the Chief Economist at LendingTree, Tendayi Kapfidze, who told TheStreet what is behind Lenny the puppet. Don't worry -- the conversation between Kapfidze and TheStreet was serious and far-ranging. See clips on what to expect out the economy in 2019, and the housing market here

Still, nothing like a little subliminal branding strategy talk.