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Kiss Rock Legend Gene Simmons Explains How to Make Money

Gene Simmons is not only a music master on stage, but he is also quite the accomplished business. Here is one big tip be revealed to TheStreet.
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Gene Simmons has a knack for connecting with people. 

"It's about people connecting with people and if you don't connect and you don't have an honest voice, people will think it's just shuck and jive," Simmons explained in an interview with TheStreet. 

And if you can connect with people like Simmons, it could prove lucrative. 

Simmons is a founding partner of emerging restaurant brand Rock & Brews, which has 20 locations across the country. And, of course, he is the mastermind behind the gold mine that is Kiss merchandise, which boasts an astounding 5,000-plus branded items.

Worth an estimated $300 million, Simmons is the real deal.

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Editors' pick: Originally published Sept. 15.