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Kevin O'Leary Explains Benefit of Equity Crowdfunding

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Kevin O'Leary--aka Mr. Wonderful--is no stranger to investing in good ideas. 

As a Shark Tank Shark, O'Leary has invested in a number of companies. 

One such company was M.C. Squares, which--according to the website--is a company that designs "...reusable products and manufacture them in Colorado, where environmental standards are high and we can keep our carbon footprint small."

O'Leary joined TheStreet to talk about equity crowdfunding and how this could change the way that investors get involved with non-public companies. He broke down the change to Regulation CF's regulatory changes mean for investors and startups. 

"Years ago, the JOBS act enabled those who wanted to create an offering where they could, basically, democratize investing. Because what the regulator was concerned about was that all of the big deals done in venture capital and the great outcomes for those companies were going to a very few, sophisticated venture capitalists. That's not right, that's not America. So, what they decided to do was to allow you to raise up to $1 million and $70,000 in what was called the 'CF Round.' Now, that turned out not to be enough, which is why these new regulations put in place, raised that minimum to $5 million," O'Leary explained.

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