Kevin O'Leary's Mom Is the Brains Behind the Business

Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary talks about the biggest female role model in his life and how she influenced the way he does business today.
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Canadian businessman Kevin O'Leary prefers to invest in companies run by women. Maybe that's because his mother was one of the strongest female influences in his life and is now the brains behind his investment company.

O'Leary's mom (secretly) starting stashing money away at a very age and only invested in things that paid her to wait: bonds and dividend-producing stocks.

Needless to say, she had socked a ton of money away over her lifetime.

O'Leary embraced her investment thesis and it has become the backbone of the O'Shares ETF Investments philosophy, which is designed for long-term conservative investors. As Chairman, O'Leary now passes on to his daughter the things he learned from his mother.

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