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Just How Rich Is Joel Osteen?

Osteen's net worth reportedly sits around $40 million.
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Long before television evangelist preacher Joel Osteen was accused of closing his church's doors to victims of Hurricane Harvey, Osteen has faced controversy for the wealth he has built through his teachings and various other ventures. 

While Osteen has not taken a salary from his gigantic Lakewood Church since the ministry's move to the former home of the NBA's Houston Rockets in 2005, his wallet certainly hasn't been hurting for cash. Residing in a $10.5 million Houston mansion, Osteen reportedly banks over $55 million a year through the sales of his numerous best-selling books and related journals and study guides, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The New York Times reported that his first book alone sold more than three million hardcover copies. 

Critics have previously claimed that Osteen uses his ministry, which reaches the homes of over 100 million people, as a vehicle for self-promotion and building his own fortune. Osteen has never shied away from defending his wealth, making no apologies for his success. 

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