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Tony Owusu: Dow was down to number 450 points on Wednesday, this follows up at 300 point decline on Tuesday. This is based on a week manufacturing data out of the US and Europe and also ADP numbers that came in light today. Now, there are two equities that are on the Dow that we're actually still in the green and that's United Health and Johnson and Johnson. Now, Johnson and Johnson settled, pay $20.4 million to settle the opioid lawsuit and with two counties in Ohio. This absolves the company from the first federal lawsuit that's set to go to trial later this week. While the settlement allows Johnson and Johnson to avoid the trial, it also stipulates that the company does not take any liability for the opioid crisis. The stock is up on that news.

Dow dropped more than 300 points on Tuesday and followed that up with a 450 point and counting drop Wednesday.

All three major averages are down at least 1% each as the fallout from the disappointing manufacturing numbers that were reported Tuesday continue to take their toll.

United Health (UNH - Get Report) and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ - Get Report) were the only two stocks still in the green on the blue chip index. JNJ shares were rising after the company reached a tentative $20.4 million settlement that removes it from the first federal lawsuit filed against opioid manufacturers.

While the settlement allows the company to avoid the trial, the terms of the settlement states that Johnson & Johnson does not admit to any liability.

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