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John Carter Markets Analysis: Warnings Flags Into Q2 Trading

This Most Recent Decline Has me a Little More Concerned.

Bulls have become fairly accustomed to being rewarded for buying the dip, but this most recent decline has me a little more concerned. The S&P 500 weekly chart is clearly bullish, but that doesn't mean we couldn't see a 2020 print in the weeks ahead. Part of this analysis stems from the transportation index where we've seen warning flags before, and those flags are raised once again. Apple will also be critical in the coming sessions with key signals off the daily chart. Shares have been strong, but there are a few levels of resistance to be aware of. There are a few stocks out there trading independent of the market, Vipshops Holdings and Signature Bank are two of my favorites. The theme behind our U.S. Oil Fund ETF and Southwest pairs trade is still there, but USO has been performing better in the current environment.

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