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John Carter Futures Review: Timing Cycles Make Me a Little Cautious

Multiple Markets are at Key Levels in a Bullish Market.
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It's hard to be anything but bullish in the current market environment, though there are some timing cycles that have me a little cautious heading into the middle of April. In the meantime we've got a weekly Squeeze forming in the S&P 500 and Dow and I am anticipating these signals firing long. The Euro Stoxx 50 has done well in light of the falling euro. The debt markets are the most intriguing at the moment with notes poised to make new highs, if they do look for bonds to follow. Gold is interesting here in that it's held it's recent lows and kept a bid in the face of a strong dollar. The weekly chart is still a little weak but I think there's a trade if prices get back to 1170.

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