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John Carter Futures Markets Analysis and Stocks to Watch

The Market Continues to be Driven by the U.S. Dollar, a Move We've Been Covering for Some Time.
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The market continues to be driven by the dollar, a move we've been covering for some time. This has obvious implications for the euro and may finally start to put pressure on stocks. Apple has finally started to show some signs of weakness. The Russell has been showing a bit of a divergence and may lend itself to a pairs trade as we open up the week. The yen has been quiet while the Swiss Franc remains under pressure. The bond market will be one of the most interesting this week, that goes for the 10 year note as well. The story for crude remains the same and I think there's still more downside in USO. The same goes for gold and silver and will be some of the best places to get positioned in the weeks ahead.

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