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John Carter Analysis: TLT, USO, SPY, GOOGL, PCLN, GDX, DUST

Today's video covers recent moves in the bond market, the impact we're seeing from crude and a few new tickers with trades into expiration.
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In today's update, we have to start with a look at the TLT which has exploded thanks in large part to continuing global uncertainty. The put/call ratio is still neutral which indicates the chart can keep running. Later today we have an FOMC meeting and we anticipate any sell-off as a buying opportunity for bonds. Our SPY put spreads are trading against us right now but we are looking to add to this position following the Fed meeting. Looking at some big cap stocks, GOOGL does not seem ready for a put spread play as the put/call ratio still indicates further downside, while PCLN is coming into support with the ratio getting extreme. For a long play, the DUST inverse gold miners ETF is setting up for calls as the miners are ready to break down.

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