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John Carter Analysis: Recognizing a Flush and Reviewing Setups JAZZ, DXY, TLT & BIIB

Today we're looking at the flush moves we saw on Tuesday along with the latest in bonds and a few of our other favorite tickers.
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In today's premium update, we're looking at some names that are setup well following what we like to call a "flush day." Flush days are what we look for at potential inflections because algorithms are set up to recognize well known patterns, and in many cases the initial breakout turns out to be a fake move which gets flushed. In these instances, you'll see big moves in the opposite direction unfold very quickly. Yesterday we saw a downside flush in most of the indexes, which will likely lead to a continued up move. The dollar index is set up to go higher, and this should continue leading to capital allocations in US large caps and bonds. We are still riding our TLT long positions after rolling into the January 119 calls earlier this week. A new setup we like is BIIB which is setting up for a weekly squeeze and also an intraday squeeze.

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