John Carter Analysis: Premium Futures and Forex Updates

We open this week with a review of key futures and currency markets and some of the best setups in each.
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In today's premium update, we're starting with a look at non-correlated markets. Live cattle has trended up for months now in complete defiance of all general market corrections, but over the last week it has broken down somewhat. In the scheme of things, this correction is comparatively minute. Soybeans seem to be setting up for a long squeeze, so I am looking to buy a pullback. Wheat is a cleaner setup than soybeans, and should go higher if the rest of the grains do. Corn has an even stronger pattern, which I like the best out of the three. The dollar index continues to push higher, crushing other currencies, with commodity currencies like the Aussie and Canadian dollars getting hit especially hard in light of oil weakness. The uptrend in bonds is very much intact, but the current juncture does not present an easy trade, so we are sitting on the sidelines with regard to bonds. As far as gold, some other technicians are saying that gold could be positioning for a reversal, but as long as its below the 21-ema I am a seller. Finally, stocks are trending higher and I see no warning signs quite yet.