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John Carter Analysis: Market Review and Position Update QQQ, UUP, FXY, TLT, BA, TSLA

Market Review and position update as we have a look at QQQ, UUP, FXY, TLT, BA, and TSLA
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In today's update, we're starting with a market overview in which we see that the action on the indexes has been extremely bullish since the correction in October. We would have to go back 35 years to find a similar V-shaped bottom, and we have consolidated in a sideways range over the past week which is very encouraging for higher prices. Additionally, the Yen continues lower which is a risk-on indicator. But more importantly, the stock market and the US dollar have "re-coupled", meaning that the relationship has returned to what it was between 1995 and 2000, which was that they both moved higher simultaneously. As far as current positions, our BA put credit spread looks great. We still have the November TLT calls, and I like them here. The question is whether it will work by November expiration, and I anticipate it will. TSLA has reached its target, and an iron condor strategy should work here.

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