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John Carter Analysis: Dollar Strength, Implications for Stocks and Commodities

In today's overview we take a look at the move in the dollar and how various markets are reacting, as well as an update on our individual setups.

In today's update, we start with a look at the dollar which is powering higher as foreign investment continues to pour into the United States, driving up large cap US stocks. This trend looks to be just beginning from a monthly perspective, and will likely continue to punish oil and oil related stocks. The hardest hit companies will be the exploration companies, because they are highly levered. As far as setups we've been watching, ILMN is building up a squeeze, and on a weekly basis a pop higher looks likely. IRBT is setting up for a nice squeeze as well. Gold should continue trending lower, and a way to play it would be via DUST, the inverse miners ETF.

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