Looking for a Job? Don't Hesitate, Ask for Help

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Many Americans feel that there's a stigma associated with unemployment.

A recent survey done by LinkedIn found that 84% of unemployed Americans believe there’s a stigma associated with unemployment. They also believe that this stigma is affecting their ability to get hired.

Even though the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has caused job loss for more than 12 million people, most of those surveyed by LinkedIn feel embarrassed to tell others about their job loss and almost half of them even lied about their job status. 

The survey found that 24% Americans felt embarrassed, 23% uneasy and 15% ashamed about telling other people about their unemployment.

One of the highlights of the survey is that not asking for help is actually limiting their job possibilities.

"Almost all hiring managers (96%) would hire a candidate who was laid off due to the pandemic," the survey found.

Hiring managers also have stressed on the importance of job referrals as 26% of them are more likely to hire a referred candidate.

"When someone in their network refers a candidate to them (hiring managers), not only will they pay closer attention to that candidate's resume, but it increases the likelihood they’ll interview the candidate," the survey found. "An introduction or referral could make all the difference." 

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