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A Legendary Investor Reveals How to Play the Markets Now

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The stock market has witnessed its worst week since the global financial crisis. And investors seem confused as to what they should be doing.

Well, the legendary investor Jim Rogers says that investors "should be buying." 

"The market got overbought and now we are having a sell-off," he said.

Rogers implied that the market fluctuates all the time and that there's no reason to fear long-term declines.

Rogers did not blame coronavirus as the cause of the markets sell-off.

"...remember the [virus] has been around for three months now and the virus has been spreading to a lot of places," he said. 

He also pointed out that people in Asia are more panicked than in the U.S.

"So far this year in America, 20 to 30,000 people have died of the flu. I don't see anybody panicking here, running around because of the flu," he said."Three thousand people have died of this particular flu. But living in Asia, the shops are empty, the restaurants are empty because everybody's in panic, but very few people are sick."

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