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Jim Cramer's Thoughts on Tiger King

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Have you watched Tiger King on Netflix?

Jim Cramer hasn't.

At least not yet!

However, he does like what Tiger King means for Netflix  (NFLX)

Watch the video above for more.

Video Transcript:

Katherine Ross:
Have you by any chance had a chance to watch Tiger King on Netflix?

Jim Cramer:
Oh my God, so my wife watched, has done it. You see the President was asked about it yesterday?

Katherine Ross:
Yes, I did.

Jim Cramer:
It was insane. I mean it was like that guy must have wanted to get ratings for the President for a show. But no, I haven't watched Tiger King and I've been watching Succession and I love Succession, but I guess I got to watch Tiger King next.

Katherine Ross:
I think you do. So for those viewers who don't get the chance to work with Jim every day, when the Fire Fest documentaries came out, that was all Jim could talk about and I feel like, Jim, I feel like the Tiger King might be your next Fire Fest.

Jim Cramer:
Really? Now this is, what about animal... Is it about animal health? Animal...

Katherine Ross:
It follows the story of a couple of different... Carol Baskin, Joe Exotic. They own places that have tigers and other wildlife. Now Joe Exotic has a private zoo. Carol Baskin actually has like a rescue, but it follows their story in a very interesting way.

Jim Cramer:
All right, well don't give it away, but I know that when the President was asked about it, that was the... Look, the other day, the President was asked about the Secretary of the Navy and the guy who... The captain of the Theodore Roosevelt, the aircraft carrier. And he said, "The guy wrote this really long letter. I mean, the guy thinks he's Hemingway." I mean, the President is throwing a lot of action in those press conferences. They're, I know it's about COVID, but there's actually entertaining. I mean, I know that that's... I don't mean any sleight. I know what the material is that they're going over, but these are not dry. They're not dry, but the next thing has to be about when they're going to... That's got to be all the folks. When are they going to open and Fauci saying, "All right, last week I thought this would be 100, 200. Now I think it's going to be 60." And then Fauci has to give us, and it'd be really [inaudible 00:06:13] to talk about with my writing partner, Matt [Orwein 00:06:16].

Jim Cramer:
It would be disgrace if they don't say, "Okay, look. Employees everywhere. Masks, masks, masks. Okay. Just half." It would be... We now know it because you can make masks. People are saying on Etsy. Everybody can get a mask. It doesn't have to be the ultimate N95, but I would say this. The CDC let us down because what they said was masks really don't need any good. They don't do much and that was wrong.

Jim Cramer:
Well, here's what the mask does. It makes it so that I can't give something to you and you can't give something to me. Now there's going to be exceptions. But right now, masks mean that you're... A mask means basically that you're trying to not get it. And what you really want to do is that everybody should wear a mask. Because you should be, you wear a mask, you're trying not to give it. And so my hope is that people adopt that.

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