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SPAC Watch: Jim Cramer's Message for the SEC

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Are SPACs here to stay or is this truly just a craze?

"Will SPACs replace traditional IPOs? I think to a degree, they already have -- at least for now. Longer-term, however, I think that traditional investment banking will survive, and that there will always be room for both methods of going public," wrote Real Money's Stephen Guilfoyle.

"Part of why I say that traditional IPOs will survive is due to the sheer abundance of SPACs out there right now. Can they all find winning companies to merge with? What happens to those that don't find the right dance partner? Surely some will wither and die. But at the same time, the SPAC model is probably here to stay since it does simplify and expedite the whole process of going public and raising capital. And so I think that SPACs will survive even once we’re past the current manic stage," he continued. 

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