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Jim Cramer's Thoughts on the Market Selloff and the Coronavirus

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Let's break down the markets.

Jim Cramer and Katherine Ross will be focusing solely on the markets and coronavirus fears.

All of the major indices were down over 2.5%.

Back in February of 2018, the Dow fell over 1,000 points on Feb. 5 and Feb. 8.

The catalyst behind this selloff? The coronavirus.

Let’s focus on the coronavirus and the selloff we could see as we approach the opening bell.

Over the weekend, the coronavirus cases surged in South Korea and Italy.

Since Feb. 18--which is only last Tuesday--saw cases in South Korea multiply quickly.

Last Tuesday, South Korea had 31 cases. As of this morning, there are over 760 cases.

In Italy, there are over 150 cases.

Worldwide, there are over 77,000 cases with over 2,500 deaths. Most of those are located in China.

On Sunday, Chinese President Xi admitted that the virus will “inevitably have a relatively big impact on the economy and society.”

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