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Jim Cramer Says Wait to Buy Cruise Stocks

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Should you buy cruise stocks right now?

Jim Cramer says now might be the time to hold off because the reopening isn't going as smoothly as planned. 

He wrote about the reopening in his Real Money column on Tuesday, March 23. 

"Let's call a timeout, or at least a do-over, and figure out what's the real protocol for COVID-19," Cramer wrote. 

"There was a time when I had high hopes for solving this disease, believing the previous president that we had enough doses to stop COVID much earlier, hoping that we had drugs to help you, cocktails so to speak, that you can give people, really sick people, to get them out of the hospital or keep them out of the hospital. Maybe a system for detecting COVID quickly and quarantining those who have it from those who don't' early enough that we can cut down on cases being spread by the asymptomatic," he continued. 

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