Jim Cramer's Thoughts on Cloud Stocks Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

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Jim Cramer answers a fan question over on Twitter.

Watch the full video above to see what he has to say about cloud stocks now.

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Katherine Ross:
Now let's talk about a Twitter question that we got. So Laura from Twitter is wondering if you like the cloud stocks now.

Jim Cramer:
Yes, they're the highest growth stocks. Let's be clear. I like the pharmaceuticals, I like the utilities, and I like the highest growth stocks, whether it be in tech or biotech and cloud stocks are the highest growth. So I do say that you can buy them. I expect them to go down, but then they go back up. One of the things that sends that group down is a plethora of IPOs. I don't know if you've noticed, there are no IPOs. Your Smile Direct and Casper pretty much destroyed that. People thought Airbnb could become public, but who wants to buy... stay at a germ filled house that's not been fumigated. So I mean I'm, I'm looking at it and I'm saying there's no IPOs, so there's not going to be a lot of competition of the highest growth stocks. Those are good Katherine, you should be buying some of those.

Jim Cramer:
Remember, I just want to warn people, I expect it to rally. Okay. It can base and that's terrific. But when I look at where it is, and a lot of the stocks held their lows today, but we bought near the lows and we can't commit anymore and we can't trade like a hedge fund. If I was a hedge fund manager, maybe I would scalp, buy some here and flip it. But that's not us. So if you just joined the club or are thinking of it, buy some of the stuff we bought the other day. Lower.

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