Jim Cramer's Thoughts About a 30-Year Safe and Sound Bond

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Jim Cramer has some thoughts about how the government should be approaching the economy after the coronavirus pandemic has shut everything down and kept Americans indoors.

He wrote about his thoughts in his Real Money column Monday morning.

"The failure of imagination when it comes to fighting COVID-19 boggles the mind. There are so many good ideas kicking around that they at least deserve a solid hearing. For example, what does it take for the administration to realize that tens of millions of Americans want to defeat COVID-19, but feel like there is no chance to do so," wrote Cramer. 

"We faced a similar issue when this country decided it was going to defeat polio. A private organization, the March of Dimes, asked that the nation give dimes for research. The gambit worked, millions of people mailed in dimes and Jonas Salk, a rogue scientist, created a vaccine with the money the March of Dimes gave him. He did his work out of the University of Pittsburgh and he was using a dead, not live, virus to create a vaccine. It wouldn't have happened without the March of Dimes," he continued.

Video Transcript:

Katherine Ross:
Good morning. I'm Katherine Ross, and I'm joined by Jim Cramer. We're joining you via Skype this morning in our efforts to do our part of social distancing. Jim, I want to start with what's top of mind for you this morning.

Jim Cramer:
Well, top of mind is the safe and sound bond that I want, the SAS bond. 500 billion of it is going to go to healthcare and to making it so that we have everything we need and everybody gets equal healthcare, no state better than the other. Then 500 billion of it goes to the economy, getting people to have enough money to stay at home because if we had one month where we stayed at home, we'd conquer this thing and then we could all go back to work because in one month we will have developed all the testing that is needed so we will know whether we're sick or not, and we can go out if we have the antibodies and restart the economy.

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