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A Tale of Two Markets: Jim Cramer on WallStreetBets, Stock Picking

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There are two markets, warned Jim Cramer in his Real Money column.

"We've got two markets, one is a house of pain and the other is a house pleasure. The house of pleasure has walls made of traditional stocks and holds up under any scrutiny, but the house of pain has been falling apart and today the walls came closing in," wrote Cramer.

"What are these two markets and how did they come about?Simple: you have the old-timers who know when you have a moment of economic acceleration you have a whole host of stocks to buy, all sorts of good old-fashioned cyclicals and industrials that can make fortunes coming during the great awakening. These are the stocks that have powered the stock market to new highs. They are the stocks of the roaring twenties, the boom stocks that are your basic plays on economic revival," he continued.

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