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Jim Cramer's Stocks to Buy and a Sector to Avoid

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Jim Cramer's got some stocks to consider. 

Here's what he said over on TheStreet Live With Jim Cramer and Katherine Ross Wednesday morning.

"I know people are furious about me--UNH  (UNH) up 12. See, that's Bernie [Sanders]--about Bed Bath [& Beyond  (BBBY) ]. Knock it off. Jimmy Chill says this. The company did something really stupid. They had no guidance. They wouldn't give guidance and then they felt that they had to cut guidance. And you know what that says to me is they're still a bunch of knuckleheads but the CEO is going to get it right. And there's a lot of hope. Boeing  (BA) is hopeful. That's why we like GE  (GE) so much. I think Boeing's about to get it, so overall what people are betting is this. There's tremendous stimulus done by the Chinese...The president looks like the putative winner. This is what the market's saying. So you can buy UNH, you can buy all sorts. Centene  (CNC) . And of course, I think you should buy CVS  (CVS) and the cloud stocks are doing incredibly well," said Cramer.

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