Jim Cramer on How Investors Can Say Hello to Q2

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Jim Cramer is wishing Q1 farewell.

He wrote about his feelings around Q1 in his Real Money column Tuesday evening.

"Good riddance you horrid quarter. Thanks for proving once again that equities can cut your heart out and leave it in a box filled with Covid-19. Forget the history books, the Dow's having its worst-ever quarterly decline," he wrote. "And you know what's the craziest thing? It could have been much worse. There were many, many stocks since the bottom one week ago that have roared here, and we are leaving the quarter with more hope than despair."

"How is that possible? As I always say, once we get a vicious move down, investors regroup. They find out what they can make peace with and the find out what must be avoided. The stocks that fell into favor are stocks that have stabilized and are moving right up and bounce down and then back up on bad Covid news," he continued.

So, now that we've bid farewell to a rough Q1, what should investors think about Q2 when most of the U.S. will still be ordered to stay at home throughout April?

Watch the full video above to see what he has to say.

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