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Jim Cramer's 5 Books to Read During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Need a reading list?

Jim Cramer has some thoughts on books to read while we're all self-quarantining.

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Katherine Ross:
Yeah. Jim, millions of Americans are now under a lockdown, and this might be one of the first weekends that a lot of these Americans are experiencing not being able to go out. So, you're a very well-read man and I want to ask, for anyone who's looking for some good reads this weekend, what are your top five quarantine books for them?

Jim Cramer:
Oh, it's great that you asked me that. Right now, I am reading The Institute by Stephen King. It is fabulous. You cannot put it down. I am just struck. It's one of the great works. It's maybe one of my, I mean I read all of Stephen King, it may be one of my absolute favorites and I think that, I don't know. It's got great characters. I was thinking, "Who would play the kids in the movies?" It's really good. I'm going to give you some others that I like. Oh, I'm starting Succession this weekend, and I can't wait to do that. Everyone tells me to watch that.

Katherine Ross:
Oh, I can't wait for you to watch that. We've got to talk about it.

Jim Cramer:
Really? Okay, I can't wait to read that. There's a new book that my wife just bought me about when Hitler just became the chancellor. I can't wait to read that. When he came to the fuhrer. There is, I was also reading a book about the Eastern Front and how the Eastern Front, how unprepared the Nazis were to take on the Russians. You always forget that the Soviets were winning. And then, my other place I'm reading, Leningrad, which is a huge tone about how three-quarters of a million people died of starvation as Leningrad was encircled by the Nazis in 1941, and encircled for 900 days, which I find is apt for what I feel life is like here. I've got a lot of things going but I heavily recommend The Institute. It's so good.

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