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Jim Cramer's Biggest Lesson From the Past 15 Years of Mad Money

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Jim Cramer has been hosting Mad Money on CNBC for a whopping 15 years. 

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Katherine Ross: With all this signage, you guys just celebrated ... Mad Money just celebrated its 15th anniversary! Congrats. What's one lesson that you've learned in the past 15 years?  

Jim Cramer: The viewer is always right. Now they may not be right about the market, but they're certainly right in terms of what they demand. If they demand education, they're going to get it, and if they demand entertainment, they're going to get it. Nothing's beneath me other than anything that's illegal. I think it's very important to recognize that I have put out a commercial product, which is why it has the longevity that it has. But it's still an educational product, which is why people keep coming back.  

Jim Cramer: And I'm very proud of our team, Regina Gilgan and Cliff Mason, and the rest of the great souls. 80% of whom are woman, International Woman's Day is on Sunday. Now I do take aim right now at the people who are just solid indexers because their method, which has always been so regaled, is proving to be a terrible method. They are doctrinaire and also fee-hungry. I don't earn any fees and I'm not doctrinaire. And I say that because I'm perfectly ... I think that individual stocks should go alongside index funds, but most of the people who propagate index funds think that our viewers are too stupid. I use that word very precisely because I know the contempt with which a lot of the professionals feel about the people who watch our show, and I'll defend them tooth and nail.  

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