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How Jim Cramer Picks Retail Stocks in 2021

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Jim Cramer learned a thing or two while waiting in a line at Best Buy this weekend. 

"So we go to Best Buy in Vauxhall and there's a line 20 deep to get in. I wait my turn -- passing a sign that says they are out of Sony (SNE) PlayStation 5 and Xbox (MSFT) Series X/S -- and when I get up to the front of the line, I ask the guy at the door what's the deal. He says that you can't mill around in the store, that you have to have a customer service rep with you and they only have so many customer service reps. The lack of a crowd protects you and protects the customer salespeople," wrote Cramer in his Real Money column on Monday afternoon.

"She was apoplectic. Why? Because they care about their customer service people and their customers. What's wrong with that? Man, was she ever accentuating the positive. Me? I figured this one has to be a short. But, before I can even open the book on it, the stock takes off. Given that everyone who went to a Best Buy may have experienced a similar line, you have to figure that's a negative worth affirming. It's plain as the nose on you face," he wrote. 

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