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Jim Cramer's Advice on Approaching This Market

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Jim Cramer weighed in on how investors should approach the markets Tuesday, Feb. 18.

Cramer thinks it might be time for investors looking to buy to "think like the sellers."

In his Real Money column Tuesday morning, Cramer wrote about the sellers.

"I am stuck with what the sellers give us. So are you," he wrote. "And the question is what will the sellers be willing to lose to get out, betting that tomorrow will be worse than today and the day after that and the day after that."

"The thesis of the real money piece was you need sellers in order to be able to make it negative and people are reading information and they're not selling," said Cramer. "They're saying, okay, you know what? Maybe sellers come in, then the sellers are met by S&P money. So you have a situation where you have an Advanced Micro [Devices]--let's use that--Advanced Micro has tremendous exposure to China. Because they make the, the guts for PC. PC's are assembled in China and Taiwan and the stock opens higher. So if you're an owner of Advanced Micro, you're kind of thinking one of two things. You're either going to sell, you're going to hold, right." 

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