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Jim Cramer's Advice for Investors Before They Engage In 'Speculation'

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Jim Cramer has some thoughts on "successful speculation."

"What do you really dream of doing? Is it to take the candy away from the fat cats who drove down the stock of a store you wouldn't be caught dead in? Is it to have a share of a big-screen movie company theatre that you fear being sneezed on or coughed at? Is your real goal to prove that the market's a rigged game and you can figure it out, bust it and make fortunes from it via an app that may or may not offer the best price and can even cut you off because of its problems and not yours?" Jim Cramer wrote in his Real Money column on Thursday, Feb. 4

"Well, then, turn me off. I want fair and free markets for all, including, especially the merry men, a less charged name for the newer stock market loyalists, and I want the government to work to level the playing field, but what I want most is for you to understand what you are looking for or should be looking for if you want to speculate wisely," he continued.

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