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Jim Cramer to Younger Investors: Stop Falling in Love With Stocks

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Jim Cramer penned a column on younger investors on Thursday, March 25. 

"It's not personal, it's strictly business. That infamous line, uttered by Michael Corleone in The Godfather, seems apropos right now in this post "everything goes up world" that we now find ourselves in. Until last year, right at this time, stocks didn't always go up. Not everything you touched rallied," Jim Cramer wrote in his Real Money column. "But when we got to the bottom one year ago, an amazing thing did happen: stocks almost universally rallied and those who were circumspect, those who had "seen it all" and "knew better than to think that money grows on trees" were reviled as boomers who wanted to keep younger people in their chains."

"A lot of the criticism was right. The majority of the hedge fund managers who came on our air, hated the market. They didn't believe in science. Many talked about the apocalypse coming although some talked out of both sides of their mouths literally scaring the heck out of us while buying stocks right into their own self-created abyss," he continued.

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