Jim Cramer's Advice for Investors on 'Uber-Hyped' Stocks

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Do you think that stocks are "uber-hyped?"

Jim Cramer thinks some stocks are. 

"Oh my, new pattern. Radical. Different. When you beat the estimates and raise them by more than, say, 40%, the machines go off and a stock goes higher no matter what," he wrote.

"It's never been like this even in the fabled 1999 blow up many want to say we are re-experiencing. No matter what the current price to earnings multiple or enterprise to sales or even out year sales analysis, that sucker's going up," he continued. "Case in point, Nvidia NVDA. I cannot believe how high the stock was ahead of the print. It had nary a day where it didn't go higher. But it just didn't matter, that's how sizable the beat was, 13% versus earnings. Not only that it was done via the data center which is in total growth mode."

So, what's Cramer's advice for investors worried about "uber-hyped" stocks?

Watch the video above to find out.

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