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Jim Cramer's Advice For Anyone Struggling With Their Finances

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With a staggering 6.6 million jobless claims released this morning--and over 16 million people in the U.S. now unemployed--people may be looking for some advice.

Jim Cramer weighed in with some key advice.

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Katherine Ross:
It's been something that we have been constantly talking about. Jim, one number that we talked about all morning this morning was the jobless claims number, which came in and now there's nearly 17 million people who don't have jobs this morning. Now, if no one's read your book who's watching this, they would know that you lived out of your car for a little while. And based on that, Jim, I want you to give some advice to our viewers who are worried about our finances.

Jim Cramer:
All right. Well, I lived out on my car, I had everything stolen from me including my checkbook. And it was my account was closed out and yet, I still contributed when I got paid, $10 to the Magellan Fund. And I did $10 to the Magellan Fund. I owed a lot of money to people. They all caught up with me, but I still kept investing. And it was small. But if you look at what it ended up being, you would say, "You know what? This is amazing what you can do." So at a time, even of just tremendous pressure on people. I'm urging you to put $10 away. Urging, maybe like it's the equivalent of $40. Because $10 was a lot then.

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