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Jim Cramer Reveals the Trait Great Investors and Fantasy Football Players Share

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It sounds simple enough. 

Don't buy hot and sell cold. 

But, really, investors should be doing the opposite -- buy cold and sell hot. 

Buying hot and selling cold? "That's just chasing. That's one thing we've learned is chasing doesn't work," said Cramer. 

He said that his Bull Market Fantasy co-host, Bill Enright, has taught him a thing or two about Fantasy Football that he's been able to apply to invest. 

"What Bill [Enright] is doing is getting you to check your emotions at your door and not chase. And those are great traits of good investors," said Cramer. 

Catch Jim's next fantasy football show with Bill Enright LIVE at 11:15 a.m. ET September 17. In the meantime, join in the conversation here. 

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