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Jim Cramer: This Is the Year of Truth for Salesforce

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Who will win -- Marc or Mark?

Cramer wrote about Salesforce  (CRM ) - Get Free Reportand its attempt to seek the truth in his Real Money column on Wednesday morning.

He compared Saleforce's Marc Benioff to Facebook's  (FB ) - Get Free ReportMark Zuckerberg.

"Which is a better business model, being a single source of truth for customers or being the world's biggest source of lies for those who don't know better? Do you want to affiliate with a culture that is offering a product that makes customers trust your organization with all of their data? Or do you want to be the world's biggest propaganda machine for lies -- and believe that, somehow, by looking the other way, via convenient, albeit disingenuous alibis, you are doing the right thing for society, for your users themselves and most important, profits for shareholders," wrote Cramer.

"No, this is not some righteous homily on business and ethics, something in the ether of a debate class. It's a real-life, titanic struggle playing out right now between two forces of business nature: Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook and Marc Benioff from -- and it's really about winning the hearts and minds of customers, shareholders and stakeholders," he continued.

But, what is Benioff doing that Zuckerberg isn't

For Cramer, the answer is simple.

 "Okay, well, Marc [Benioff] is not going to take money from people who are pro-genocide, pro-pedophile, pro-bigotry. [Benioff] going to work with you and preserve your data, and not give anything away, not sell it," Cramer explained.

Watch the full video above for his explanation.

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