Jim Cramer: Is it Worth Selling a Stock on a Downgrade?

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Nowadays, with a market that sees wild, 1,000 point swings from one degree to another, what should investors make of downgrades?

Jim Cramer has some advice for investors looking for clarity. 

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Katherine Ross:
Let's flip that. Let's talk about stocks that are getting downgrades. Should you be selling those at this point?

Jim Cramer:
Depends if I think the downgrade is feasible. I mean, I don't think that anyone who downgrades ... Right now Royal Caribbean, I don't think that person's a mistake. I think that's a good call, because I think that there is a secular ... Well, it's even worse. You have a cyclical and a secular decline when it comes to Royal Caribbean. Cyclical and secular. Meaning that the economy's rolling over, you don't take a cruise even though they are a representative bargain, but you don't because you're trying to keep your job. And secular meaning that we ...

Jim Cramer:
Look, no offense, I happened to love all the people who run the cruises. I was booked for a cruise in February. Couldn't wait. But now I'm worried, and when I propose to the government that they use the cruise ships as floating hospitals, they said, "We can't, the air's too bad." So I mean cyclical and secular, not so good, with a dividend that I don't think can be maintained with foreign tax regime. You know, really what I would regard as being suboptimal.

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