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Why Jim Cramer Says Cybersecurity Is 'Very Strong'

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Jim Cramer weighed in on the cybersecurity sector and what he expects from Palo Alto Network's earnings after the bell Wednesday. 

"I think that the cybersecurity space is very, very strong. We saw that from Cisco (CSCO) , which is now the largest cybersecurity place. I had Proofpoint PFPT on Mad Money. They had an excellent quarter. Cyberark (CYBR) --I had [CEO] Udi Mokady on. They had a remarkably good quarter. Symantec (SYMC) now has really good management and [CEO] Rick Hill, I think that that's probably a buy right here. Cybersecurity is about China. It's about North Korea. It's about a group of hackers in western Africa who've been trying to break into everything western African hackers. So, I mean, it's an epidemic," explained Cramer.

"At the same time, Palo Alto (PNW) is a stock that is very high volatility and we sold some, the blood brought back. But, uh, we have a good basis. But I do think that the longer term trend, even if Palo Alto misses is so powerful. Palo Alto missed, uh, under Mr. McLaughlin, I guess, four years ago. And Wow. What a bounceback... so even if it misses, I'm okay," he continued.

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Editors Note: This article has been with information about CyberArk's CEO. 

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