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Jim Cramer on Why Now Is the Time to Focus on Healthcare Workers, Not Trade

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Jim Cramer thinks it's time to focus on why healthcare workers are the center of our attention.

Here's what investors need to know.

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Katherine Ross:
Well, we're seeing companies such as Tesla reopen it's New Arcadia factory for ventilator use, or to create ventilators, and same with Ford with the GE Healthcare and the 3M partnerships. Jim, based on the tweets, based on, and your tweet actually, based on Donald Trump's tweet and your tweet about trade versus healthcare, is it important to start just throwing politics out the window at this stage and focusing on getting the necessary items to healthcare workers?

Jim Cramer:
Yeah, look, I gave my mask up and I did so, I had one of those Honeywell masks, and I didn't want to do that but to a healthcare worker who I know if he doesn't have something, he is going to get sick. The misallocation of resources on this ... I had a man yesterday from a company, [Pureden 00:05:24], that makes the swabs, and the swabs are very, they're not chromatic. They're not difficult to make. And the government just didn't order enough, went through the distributors, really screwed it up. Just didn't do it right. The government had, I think at very early call on N95 masks and didn't do it right. The government was not able to procure all the ventilators it needs. But there, you have a situation where you've got competitors in Spain and Italy.

Jim Cramer:
But it just bums me out to see how we were not ready, and therefore, we do have to go, not hat in hand because the Chinese owe us and I happen to think, I'm one of those people who thinks, "Listen, they have these wet markets. They did this before. They used very unsanitary conditions. They caused viruses and then other people get the viruses." I do not regard that as being some sort of xenophobic rap by me. But the Chinese owe us this and they should give us the excess ventilators and they should give us the masks, all the N95 masks that I think they're hoarding. They should put them on a FedEx plane and get them right now to New York City so that no more healthcare workers get this, and particularly in the very own form that the healthcare guys seem to be getting. I know it's a hard line, Kat. I don't care.

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