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Jim Cramer: Why No News Around Tariffs Is Good News for the Markets

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The trade headlines are driving the markets. 

So, let's talk about what's going on with the trade headlines and their impact on the markets. 

Jim Cramer wrote about how, despite the volatility that has been surrounding the trade talks, President Trump is coming out on top of the October trade long as there are no tariff hikes. 

"In other words, hate him or like him, it's becoming clear that Trump has a kind of Dr. Strangelove upper hand where the Party seems totally befuddled. Unlike, say, NBA owners, Trump doesn't really care about opening new Chinese markets to capitalist entities based here," wrote Cramer in his Friday morning Real Money column

But, what does it all mean for the market?

"I think it means that the president can win some sort of concessions from the Chinese simply by NOT raising tariffs any more than they are. I urge you to think of the issue like this: If I had told you that tariffs could ever get to 25% against the Chinese, you would be astonished that they could be that high and we didn't have roaring inflation and a recession," continued Cramer. 

Watch the full video above. 

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