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Jim Cramer: Why Elon Musk's SEC Ruling Should Have an Exception

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Should Elon Musk have an exception to tweet about Tesla (TSLA) ?

Jim Cramer says yes in light of the possibility of that China might ban the export of rare earth materials. 

In case you're confused as to what those are: they include the materials to make smartphones, wind turbines, and electric vehicles--which is where Tesla comes in.

"[Tesla] is building a lot of cars in China. Now Elon Musk, because of that SEC ruling cannot tweet that he's got a store hold of rare earth. I would say that should be an exception where he could talk about it," Cramer said. 

And, on the issue of the possible ban of rare earth materials?

"Look, we haven't heard the end of rare earth. We know that the issue with rare earth is not that the Chinese had a corner on it. It's that we were trading with the Chinese very freely. So why go open rare earth mines? Why spend the money?" said Cramer. 

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