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Jim Cramer on Whether Companies Have an Obligation to Speak Up

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There's a discourse right now about whether or not politics and business should intermingle. 

This comes after Mitch McConnell warned companies to "stay out of politics" and even said that, "corporations will invite serious consequences if they become a vehicle for far-left mobs."

However, even if we don't dive into companies making political contributions, which arguably means that politics and business are irreversibly intertwined, there's a long-history of companies getting involved in politics. 

Back in 2018, Barry Ritholtz wrote a column about politics mixing with business for Bloomberg.  

"I have long cautioned readers about the dangers of mixing politics with their investing. Politics is so emotional, so tribal, that it can easily cloud an investor’s thinking. Anything interfering with factual and logical analysis will disrupt even the best decision-making processes. Indeed, changes to your investment strategy based on hot emotions rarely work out," Ritholtz wrote. "But what about when politics affects how corporate executives make their decisions? There are dangers and opportunities when hot-button topics are mixed into a business model."

So, what happens when companies get political? Do they have an obligation to speak up?

Jim Cramer covers that and more in the video above.

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