Jim Cramer: What You Need to Know About the Federal Reserve's Rate Cut

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Jim Cramer has some advice for investors who are concerned about the Federal Reserve's rate cut.

"I mean, I think that what you have to understand is, is that this may be a coordinated move because some other countries could be much worse than us. We're global in the virus and we're global in the rate cuts. And I think that people have to recognize there was a G-7 meeting this morning and that was followed up by decisions for all the central banks to say, okay, listen, we got to do something because our economies are all weakening. And so what you have to watch for is claims. You have to watch the claims on Thursday. See if there was a big spike. I also think that if you're President Trump, you're grateful. But what you really have to do is come up with something, you know, just offer that $100 million like I've been saying. Offer the $100 million. That's far more important than a rate cut. And I'm glad to see Jay Powell getting in tune with what the market is saying you should do. But I don't think people realize that this is a bad time for the economy. I mean much worse than I think a lot of people realize," said Jim Cramer. 

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