Jim Cramer: What Will Get Wall Street to Support a Democratic Candidate?

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The New Hampshire primaries were won by Bernie Sanders Tuesday night.

Bernie Sanders took home the New Hampshire primary last night. Pete Buttigieg came in a very close second, with Amy Klobuchar clenching third.

Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden came in fourth and fifth.

"The real winner was President Trump. And I think that that's why the market's really up. President Trump, China and the idea that the Democrats are imploding--meaning they have too many people. I mean Sanders wins but did he really win? Klobuchar has moved up, but did she really win? Mayor Pete is really up there. But did he really win because of Iowa? The most moderate guy--Biden is now gone, so to speak. And this is a disarray field. So people feel that that is exactly when Trump can prevail. And look, you know, the numbers for the last few days have been down for the virus. They have changed the way they treat it, apparently, in China. They've been more aggressive early on. I get the sense that Wuhan...they fired a lot of people," said Cramer.

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