Jim Cramer: What Was 'Remarkable' From the CDC Press Conference on Coronavirus

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Before we dive into what Jim Cramer's thinking about the CDC and the coronavirus, let's give an update on the coronavirus. 

There are now over 20,000 cases of the coronavirus, with most of them located in China.

President Xi, on Tuesday, called the outbreak a “major test of China’s system” and called for a tougher response to the crisis.

There have been over 420 deaths from the virus. Hong Kong announced its first death--a 39-year-old man--Tuesday.

"The CDC yesterday had a press conference. And what was remarkable about it was that, as opposed to Friday's press conference, they were very optimistic about this becoming a public health issue and not a medical issue...Remember this now only 11 cases, not like there'll be more, but it's not spreading. Um, they're using containment. It will spread. Okay. But what's interesting is that it now feels in the United States like another flu. Now, this is one a little harder to detect, but they now have a test. They have a test. It's accurate. That was new. So you have a test. It's accurate. You have a lot of containment," said Cramer.  

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