What Jim Cramer Is Watching When Jerome Powell Takes the Podium

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The Federal Reserve kicked off its two-day meeting Tuesday, Dec. 10.

Fed chair Jerome Powell will be taking the podium Wednesday in the final Fed presser of the decade.

And, while investors are expecting the Fed to hold rates steady this month, what should they expect to hear from Powell himself?

Jim Cramer has some thoughts on what he'll be watching when Powell takes the podium. 

 "I [wrote] a piece on Real Money [Monday afternoon] just to say, look, the two problems with this market are, will Jay Powell say, okay, listen, we've, you know, we were done with cutting, which would then cause a reaction of many of these political journalists that I'm talking about to say, look, we're done cutting. And then of course, if the economy slows and Powell cuts again, I mean, so the idea that the doctrinaire report reportage may indeed produce a one, two punch of the Fed saying it's done cutting. Unless the data turns otherwise in that latter, the less the data turns...so then people sell the market down and that may be your opportunity. But then again, remember, pick good stocks of good companies," said Cramer. 


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