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Jim Cramer: What Buying a Discounted TV Says About the Economy

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A discounted TV can tell you about the economy?

That's what Jim Cramer said during TheStreet's live show Friday morning. 

TheStreet's Katherine Ross mentioned that she had been shopping around for a TV and had found one that later went on sale. Cramer weighed in to say that he believed that a discounted TV could be an economic indicator.

"We talk a lot about the employment number by and why are things not inflationary with that number. The New York Times did a piece today about wages trying to go up. But think about what it: I say Best Buy (BBY) to buy it, you say Walmart (WMT) , and you get the thing half price. That is a deflationary environment," said Cramer. "There are some companies that got priced, it took price--meaning they were able to raise but go over the Clorox quarter. They raise price and it fails. You have to roll back price. It's one of the reasons why the quarter wasn't that good. So there's not a lot of price in the system."

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